Increase Trust Factor- Embed Reviews In Your Website, Improve Sales, Customer Engagement, And Website Traffic

13 July, 2022lens7 min read

Increase Trust Factor- Embed Reviews In Your Website, Improve Sales, Customer Engagement, And Website Traffic

“Make the customer the hero of your story.”

(Ann Handley)


Every brand has a very clear understanding that there can be a situation where people don’t believe in their name, products, or services due to many performance-based reasons. But whenever a brand is praised by the mouth (or through its words!) of its genuine customers, people do believe in them due to a strong trust factor. And it is very obvious to say thatpeople tend to believe people rather than any brand name or advertisement!!So can a business add any such value factor to its website that not only authenticates its services but also elevates the traffic engagement rate on it?


YES. This goal can be achieved byEmbedding Reviews in the website!!


Butwhyandhowembedding reviews can impact the performance of the business so much?


If you delve down into the credibility ofGoogle reviewsor any other platform reviews, it can be understood from a recent stat that around91%of the buyers read the reviews before making any decision to buy the product or service. And there are around80%of the people believe in the reviews as much as they believe in recommendations from their friends and family.


So, displayingGoogle reviews on the websiteis a method to highlight the voice of customers on the biggest and most important platform of the organization. Today, this blog is going to ponder over the importance of embedding reviews in the website and what is the flow of actions to embed real-time reviews in the website. So, let’s get started with a quick idea of WHAT ARE CUSTOMER REVIEWS?




A customer review is a written piece of information that is given by the customer after utilizing the product or service of an organization. This is a form offeedback given by the customer but on various platforms like Google, Zomato, Swiggy, Trip advisor, Make my trip and so on. 


Businesses today are working on increasing the count of customer reviews on different review platforms because they are the greatest source of validating the good performance of the business. Hence, they invest a huge sum of money to generate more reviews for their products or services. They go for different review management tools that can help organizations to manage as well as generate reviews. Rannkly is also one suchreview management toolthat not only assists different businesses to generate reviews through email marketing techniques but also provides highly efficient and personalized review management strategies through AI-driven tools. 




After getting a clear idea about the importance of reviews and their trust-building capabilities, every business will jump on different review platforms where they can increase the volume of their product reviews. But there will be very few businesses who will come up with the idea that their website is the greatest source of displaying their top reviews to the visitors. This will help the visitors and buyers by reducing their decision-making time along with providing them with the original content of their customers' responses. 


Reviews are a rich source to get the information about the brand’s authority, identity, value, and quality of its products. And if such a piece of information is available on the organization’s website, it brings credibility to the brand along with the transparency of the business. Even the website of the organization can be optimized with reviews that are upgraded and fresh content that updates regularly. 


When a happy customer sees those customer reviews on the website then he/she also tends to leave a review. This is simple human psychology to feel the social thrust of doing the same activity as other people who also belong to the same category do. 


Since reviews are so impactful in the everyday activities of an ordinary buyer then, it becomes mandatory for the website owners to introduce this effective idea on their website and increase the visibility of their products and services along with authentic proof. 


Let us understand in detail how embedding reviews in websites can benefit the organization.



Though introducing reviews on the website has countless benefits, according to a survey conducted by Rannkly, they were able to identify 5 such benefits that were marked as thebest beneficial factorby most organizations. Let us move forward to know such benefits:-



As we discussed earlier, a human being tends to follow others when he/she is new in any field. When a customer tries to decide to buy a product, he/she tries to search for social validation. And what could be better than reviews! A written experience of a genuine customer who had utilized this product and extracted some time out of his busy schedule to give his feedback. 


Embedding reviews on the website will save the time of customers and give them more time for decision-making. Through reviews, a customer will not get to know the product experience of the user but also get to know the details of the product which may not be explained in the actual product description. It helps the future customer to satisfy all his logic to buy that product as well as make the organization use reviews asuser-generated contentas a strong social proof. 


Once the review appears on the main website of the organization, it automatically validates its authenticity and acts as a genuine recommendation by customers who have actually used that product or service. Nowadays, people buy the product on the basis of emotions and then justify it by logic. And embedding reviews on the website work as an adequate emotional play that can also be justified logically at the very same time through real-time data.


Once the visitor builds trust, he/she can go for buying the product and move through the sales funnel. Another great factor of embedding reviews is that there are lower chances of visitors going on other platforms to satisfy their buying decision because now they will get all the information in one place only. 



Customer engagementis the most favorable outcome every business works for. The more customers find it comfortable to interact with the business, there will be more probability of conversions. Since, the website of an organization is the biggest platform to interact, if it is supplemented with real-time reviews of the organization then it will make the customer aware of the functionality of the product and make them spend more time on the website simultaneously.


Once the product is bought by the customer and feels satisfied then he/she can also try to engage with the platform by writing valuable reviews. They can also check for other services and products on the website as there will be reviews for other products also. They can explore different features on the website once they find a positive response from real customers by their reviews. If there are more sales then it will also lead to a lower bounce rate. 



Embedding reviews is a very simple task with almost 0 costs (we will tell you to do it later in the blog!). This will act as free and easy promotional content that will display on the main website. This feature needs no Ad runs or any target audience to react on, it will keep on updating regularly and display the information in a creative format. 


Since it is completely original and authentic content, there will be no chances of copyright issues but will deliver useful information that can affect the buying decision of a viewer. This content can also be used by the website owner (or the organization) in their social media posts where they can inform their audience about the features and products through real-life experiences. Such posts can create buzz on social media platforms and aware potential customers of the organization in a creative way.


When any review is left on any platform then it is not just a boring written line but it displays the overall experience of the user that secretly conveys the message of either buying or not buying the product. This is why reviews act as a medium ofword-of-mouth marketing


They help the potential customer in forming their decision of buying that product. The words written in the review speak out loud about the quality of the product through the reflection of the experience holder. Businesses do advertise their product but embedding reviews on the website brings indirect traffic for sales by affecting the decision-making ability of the potential buyer. 




Rannkly has a tool to help its customers to add real-time reviews from any of the 15+ platforms with a few simple steps. This tool is calledWebsite widgets.Let us go through its simple and quick steps to add reviews from any platform and of any location of the organization. 

1. The user can create the website widgets that will display on the user’s website.

2. Write the name of the widget, location, review platform, ratings, and hiding reviews with no comments.

3. Now copy the code and paste it into your HTML format to display the widget on your website.

4. Now the widget has been created for your website. 

With this widget, you can select the particular location where the reviews should display. Along with this, the widget creator can select any of the pages where the reviews should display like “About us”, “Contact us”, “Product description”, etc. The user can also specify the design of the widget according to their own choice and make it look impressive and colorful on the website. When the HTML code is created, the code can be pasted into the HTML document of the website, and then it will start showing the relevant reviews.

So, if you want to improve your website visibility, then choose this method as an easy way to bring traffic to your website.

VisitRannklyto know more about website widgets.

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