Must-Have Tools For Online Business Growth

Must-need Tools For You To Grow Your Online Business

06 August, 2020lens3 min read

Must-need tools for you to grow your online business

That which is seen is sold.

How a business is perceived among the audience determines the future of its performance. Every successfulbusinessis built on the foundation of trustworthiness that it commands.

In these competitive times we are living in, even a small miss can cost a fortune. Nobody wants that!

Today,Rannklybrings you a list of some tools that you can add to your digital arsenal. Use these tools to your best advantage and propel your brand to the unlimited skies.

1. Search Engine Optimisation Tools

When it comes to keeping your brand in customers sight, investing in SEO tools is the safest bet. A successful SEO strategy consists of a careful selection of keywords subtly blended in the website's content to increase online visibility. Choosing the relevant keywords requires a thorough research and understanding of the customer psyche. Fortunately,Google Trends is one of the platforms that makes it easier. It allows you to analyze top-searched queries across various regions and languages, and helps you take sound business decisions.

A perfect tool for an organisation would be the one that is capable of conducting intensive research for keywords and, optimally use it to boost online presence.

Visible results in terms of top appearance in search results and the brand's mention on industry- specific niche websites are the acid test of a well-thought-out SEO plan.

2. Review Management Tools

With expansion of business in multiple locations and constant customer activity on various sites, gathering feedback becomes taxing. That's when areview management tool comes handy and takes the burden off the manager's shoulder.

Online Review Management tool helps the companies to monitor theircustomers reviews and feedback onlinewith a human touch. Automating the review collection and instant response service further contributes to the positive experience of the customers.

To cater to this,Rannklybrings the best to the table. Be it the automation for rapid review responses or the launch of review campaigns, access everything on a single dashboard and do what you do more efficiently than ever.

Besides earning the trust of potential customers, effectivereview management also aids in growing positive presence on digital platforms across the internet by ensuring that all reviews and ratings are authentic.

3. Social Media Management Tools

According to Statista, in 2020, an estimated 3.6 billion people are using social media, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

Social mediamanagement is the process of managing a brand's online presence on social media platforms like Instagram,Facebook, andLinkedInby interacting and engaging with active users.

From keeping up with what is trending online to personalising the feed as per the target audience, an SMM tool automates it all. For this humongous task, you can always rely on Rannkly's unified interface that integrates all your social platforms. Not just that, you can also pre-schedule the posts as you like.

For example, Rannkly will ensure that your audience receives a celebratory post for Independence Day on 15 th August on every platform. Despite it being a national holiday, a personal message to the customer cultivates a more genuine perception of your brand. The real-time interaction with the audience onsocial media strengthensthe general spirit of bonhomie and helps the brand to become part of a close-knit online community.

4. Analytical tools for performance tracking

Every business aspires to be the first preference of their customers. The best way to achieve this is to dig deeper into consumerism and work out the best strategy to leverage it.

This tool constantly keeps the customer sentiments on its radar and employs AI to give comprehensive insights. Collected data gives a full picture of the dynamic market, which helps in marking the strengths and shortcomings of the business. This can be later used to introduce targetted improvements that drive a positive brand image online.

For example, Rannkly's analytical reports based on aggregate data and Sentiments Trackers feature gives in-depth understanding of the market behaviour.

Backed by data and insights, a brand manager feels better equipped to make rational decisions for the future.

5. Reputation Overhauling Tools

The first impression is indeed the last impression.

Whatever a customer writes in the public domain stays there forever. For a potential customer who researches online and reads reviews, it could make or break your brand's image.

A reputation overhauling tool helps in rerouting the negative feedback from the internet to your own inbox and enables direct communication with unhappy customers. The brand manager can then use this opportunity to address the grievance and win the customer back. This also boosts the brand's credibility online and reaps loyalty from the customers.

Deletion ofnegative comments from the digital space, improving the overall online sentiment for brand, and better perception in the public domain are some of the features that Rannkly is capable of delivering the best.

Your brand is not just a website or a is what you intend to deliver to your customers. What you choose depends on what the needs of your brand are. Which of the above tools do you think you are going to use next time? Let us know.

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